Jacina is a currently completing her PhD at RMIT University with a specific focus on care and (post-representational) curatorial practice. 

Post-representational curatorial practice (Sternfeld and Ziaja 2012) is not about staging or producing exhibitions, but a lively practice of actively and deliberately bringing people together through programs that explore and respond to complex challenges. Social, ecological, political, technological challenges. It is a practice as this research demonstrates that has expanded across, into and beyond cultural and civic spaces—to facilitate, activate and organise (physical and virtual) space and place. These practices are very much alive and can encompass a variety of social, dialogic, playful, and transdisciplinary approaches to knowledge production, translation, and transmission. For collectively thinking about and making sense of how worlds are shifting, where different kinds of stories and imaginaries, experiences and capabilities become meaningful ways to contemplate and think through problems.

This research argues that if this is what post-representational curatorial practice is capable of doing—a facilitative, transformative, and catalysing force for people, with diverse knowledges and expertise, to explore and respond to, and learn to live well with, uncertain and possible futures—this work also necessitates an ethics of care. Informed by a creative practice-led approach, this research proposes a method for situated and collaborative forms of reflexive inquiry to carefully attune to the responsibilities, limitations and affordances of post-representational curatorial practice.  

Sternfeld, Nora and Ziaja, Luisa. 2012. ‘What comes after the show? On post-representational curating’, on-curating.

Image background: a photo of the sky at dusk over Wurundjeri Country.