residencies - public programs

Public Program Development, Public Program Implementation

The Cube residency stream attracts digital creatives, artists and technologists to produce innovative world-class projects inspired by the research endeavours of QUT. These creatives produce work that places The Cube at the cutting edge of public digital display and interaction environments. To support this mission, The Cube teamed up with the following organisations (partnerships developed and brokered by Lubi Thomas):

  • Ars Electronica, as part of the Ars Electronica Residency Network, to develop and offer an annual, invitation-based residency opportunity, called TRANSMIT3. Residents included: Zach Lieberman, Friedrich Kirschner, and Lauren McCarthy. 
  • The European Media Art Network (EMAN), in partnership with the Goethe Institute, to host artist-in-resident, Monica Rikic. 
  • Australia Council for the Arts Literature Board, was an open call opportunity to writers working within the digital landscape, seeking innovative projects that immersed the practice of writing into the interactive, multi-user digital display environment of The Cube. Residents included: Christy Dena and Jason Nelson. 

These residency streams were augmented by a series of public programs for The Cube audiences to engage with including: Analogue Video Games (Friedrich Kirschner), Leaving the screen / open source toolkits for playful expressions (Zach Lieberman), Garduino (Monica RIkic), Creative Catalysts (Ars Electronica Futurelab), Interactive Puppetry for Kids (Monica Rikic), Creative Coding for artists (Monica Rikic), and artist talks. 

Pictured Weltmachine by Friedrich Kirschner. Courtesy of QUT Precincts and the artist.