Panel Proposal / AAANZ 2018 Conference / Aesthetics, Politics and Histories: The Social Context of Art

December 5 – 8, 2018 / RMIT University

Session Title Curating with Care in The Age of Automation and Datafication  

Abstract There is a growing momentum towards the practice and professionalisation of social curation in digital spaces. Social media platforms, streaming services, open source encyclopaedias, and online publishing platforms purport democratic access and contribution to the selection, organisation, and sharing (curation) of personal and appropriated data; with the hashtag functioning as a contemporary device for archiving collections of digital data and broadening online audience engagement. Whilst these digital spaces decentre modes of individual authorship, towards new collective and collaborative approaches to curation, there are also parallel developments by large networked platforms to censor content via curatorial filters (or automated algorithms) that determine what we see or do not see, and how and who participates. 
This panel provides an open, transdisciplinary space for discussions around: What developments in automation, datafication, social curation mean in relation to curation as a practice in taking care? What curatorial practices - that seek to engage audiences through collective and collaborative activities in the GLAM sector - can learn from these developments? Whose curatorial filter is being implemented and what are the implications of these filters? How might we rethink curation through a creative and critical lens to implement accessible and inclusive modes of social participation for diverse voices, experiences, histories, and perspectives?

Panel format 90-minute panel sessions can host three 20 minute papers with 10 minutes of discussion, including introductions and speaker transitions.